Help us after hurricane Maria

Thanks to all of you who reached out to us right after the hurricane for support. At that time we did not know we would need direct help and we did not want to take away from the people in Vieques who where in inmediate need.


We now find ourselves getting ready to rebuild and kickstart our eco-tours once again. Vieques needs the tourism industry to get back on its feet and our people are eager to get back to work. Since we have not been able to operate for almost half a year since the hurricanes hit, we could use some help from you, our friends, and friends of nature.

We want to continue doing our work educating about the mangrove forest and our marine life, to enable our visitors to experience nature, fall in love with it, and become good stewards for our oceans and planet.


We hope to see you soon in Vieques!!! Our plan is to reopen by Summer 2018